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3 home exercises to increase height.

With the minion cropping up, a height below the average has become all the more intolerable. People finding your short stature funny, have no idea what it is to live with an abnormal height. The concept of long legged girls and taller boys is overweighing all the other physical features. Be it in matrimonial columns or in air hostess vacancies, the stress on height is extreme. Achieving a taller look is no more a mere heredity. There are a lot of physical exercises that boost up your height.

othere 10 Simple Exercises to Increase Height Naturally

These simple exercise can help you answer the question-how to grow your height naturally?

  1. Swimming
  2. Hanging Exercises
  3. Toe Touching
  4. Cobra Pose
  5. Pelvic Shift
  6. Skipping Rope
  7. Dry Swim
  8. Forward Spine Stretch
  9. Straight Leg Up
  10. Alternate Leg Kick



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