Athlete Zersenay Tadese and his business partner Yemane Seyoum acquired Median Hotel, behind Nyala Hotel for 190,000,000 Nakfa.


The new company called Median P.L.Co, (older name Midian) will be run by General Manager Yemane Seyoum to conduct overall tourism services. Yemane has paid part of his share in cash and in kind.


Zersenay Tadese currently holds the men’s half marathon world record. His bronze medal in the 10,000 meters at the 2004 Athens Olympics made him the first ever Eritrean Olympic medalist, and his 20 km title at the 2006 IAAF World Road Running Championships also made him the country’s first athlete to win at a world championship event.


Zersenay, which the name means, ‘a blessed seed’ (Zeri-Senay) was born in Adi Bana, Debarwa subzone. He came from a family of seven children. He has four elder and two younger siblings out of which five are boys.


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