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All M, tgrigna film

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  • semir 1 year ago

    good fantastic

  • Sami tesfay 1 year ago

    No comment Really nice film

  • Dejen tadese 1 year ago


  • Mihre 1 year ago

    Btaeimi des tebl eiya

  • Daniel mussie 1 year ago

    ናይ ብሓቂ film ማለት tnx for uploading..

  • [email protected] 1 year ago


  • AWET 1 year ago


  • dawit hisabu 1 year ago

    ብጣዕሚ ጽብቅቲ ፊልም!!!! Nice Team Work

  • million 1 year ago

    nac filim btaemi des tebl

  • yaftsamar 1 year ago

    Zarkya anty koyna da maraye abetna bless aba ab youtube yatwa

    • erivid 1 year ago

      i check it it is working, pleas tell us the problem in brief so we can help you.

      • Sami 1 year ago

        Kurub tesebeya wey ka ab Facebook share gibera ok

      • erivid 1 year ago

        yekenyelna sami sle zhagezkayo, kdmi hji neti video nmreay gdn eyu neru share mbal hji gn 40 second tetexebika share keybelka ktreyo tkiel eka.

  • Yemane 1 year ago

    I can\’t download it why

    • erivid 1 year ago

      what do you mean you want to download it, you can only watch it, b/s we do not provide a download link.

  • mussie 1 year ago


  • merhawi 1 year ago

    Nice film

  • abdu 1 year ago


  • Sami 1 year ago

    Commenting with out seeing is big sin