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LYE.tv – Kkonelki | ክኾነልኪ – New Eritrean Movies 2016


All M, tgrigna film

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  • mussie 2 months ago

    des tibel app eya

  • ሃደስቲ ፍልም ክትሰድለይ ደስ እንዳበለኒ እዩ

  • Abel (Abega) 5 months ago

    ብሓቂ ጽብቅቲ ድርሰትን ብሉጻት ዓበይቲ ተዋሳእቲ ብምህላዎምን ኣዚዩ ዘሰሓሕበና ድራማ ኮይና ረኪበያ በጣዕሚ መሳጢት እዞም ንዕይ ሓድሽቲ ውን ኣብዛ ፊልም እየ ዝሪእዮኩም ዘለኩ በዚ መጠን ድማ ንዝመእጽእ ኣብ ገበር ስኢልኩም ርእዩ ንክሪእያ ንድዐዮኩሞ ንክዕዘብ ክጓየ ምኩነይ ብዚ ኣጋጣሚ ይሕብረኩም እፈቱ ኣዚኩም በርትዑ ብፍላይ ህያብ she like waw I can\’t believe the way she act good actress specially if she is not a foreigner she delivered her position 100% if it\’s not been edited on sound system I can\’t just explain how great she is am glad I watched this film keep it up guys good job every one of u clap clap clap