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LYE.tv – Daniel Abraham – Eyad | እያድ – New Eritrean Movie 2016


All M, tgrigna film

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  • awet 1 year ago

    eritrean music

  • menge(wedrar) 1 year ago

    Nic job efrem (dadi)

  • tekie 1 year ago

    Basic idea is great!

    My Opinion in short:

    1) Picture: Lightning, Location and so on NEEDs to be better. =>> OVER all though not bad ..;)

    2) Sound: AWFUL — out of Sync now and then — REALLY bad choice for some Songs — the level of the Voice is often times too high or too low. I HAVE to hold and play with the remote-control all the time. =>> OVERALL: SOUND is VERY poor, bad and VERY whack!!

  • ሓቂ 1 year ago

    ሰለ ሓሳባትካ ገን nice pic

  • ሓቂ 1 year ago

    ኣታ መን ዩ ደሪሱዋ በጃኽ ከምዚ ዓይነት film ሬና ኣይንፍልትን ነቲ ደርፍታት ኣባላሽኹም ሲ film ኻኣኒ ኸተባልሹው አቶም ተዋሳቲ ኸ ስቂሎም ዲዮም ዝዋሱኡ ኽብርታቶ ዝይሕሉው ከምዚ ደኣኒ ኹሉ ሰብ ምደርሰ ነይሩ በበበበጅጅጅኽኽኽ film ኸማን ከይትሪይ

  • Elsabet 1 year ago

    amazing film

  • awet 1 year ago

    xbuk garkum zerghwo plessssssssssssssssss

  • Does anybody know where I can order Eritrean DVD online, your help is much appreciated. Thank you

  • Nakfa 1 year ago

    I did to share FB but stell not opened

  • Jösi josi 1 year ago

    Wawwww Nice movie deki erey shikorrr but kab mot Kemey elu tensiu so thanks keep it.

  • Josi 1 year ago

    Entay dea ala mkfat abyatna what\’s problem …

  • Yakubu 1 year ago

    Ata tay dea

  • fesalem 1 year ago

    Nice flim ab mewedaeta gen yexeyek alo ab mewedeata zekane flim bexebuk kewedae alewo aytexeyekwo so nice

    • fesalem 1 year ago

      Ab mewedaeta eti wedi motus tensiau selementay kemey elu tensiau ezia gega bezekone xebuk flim