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New 2016 Eritrean Full Movie || Temesgen – ተመስገን ||(OFFICIAL) – Beshir Omer


All M, tgrigna film

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  • kibrab indrias 2 months ago

    Its so nice movie

  • Bulshit

  • solomon 1 year ago

    Deki Eri sheqaqur ajekum bertu tsubuk sirah ketslwo kabzi nilali kintsbe ena ab kulu nitfetatkum awet yimneyelkum

  • Hermon 1 year ago

    wawww eta difetiwa film dihri newih rekibeya thanks all actors

  • Eriboy 1 year ago

    Atum bejakum elnakum ab Tube sdeduwo bae

  • sema wedi 1 year ago

    I really admired the Eritrean actors more any time at this movie \’cause the make cry …..what can I say very nice movie goon keep this up..&thank you Eri gays……

  • esey henok 1 year ago

    nice film

  • erismos 1 year ago

    Nicely moves keep it well!

  • smret 1 year ago

    nice movies

  • aster jemal 1 year ago

    This is good film

  • chu chy Solomon 1 year ago

    I love this movie. The story and the pictures are better.. Bcz everytime I watched Eritrean movies they\’re all the same.. Thank you for sharing.. Love my ppl

  • Weldu Gherezgiher 1 year ago


  • abdu 1 year ago

    Super movied